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Historic Chinatown Gate being installed soon 

Seattle Chinatown/International District, in long process of getting the Historic Chinatown gate, finally it began taking shape Wednesday morning (July 25, 2007) as workers put in place the four pillars that will serve as the framework for the ornate structure. Some of Chinese Community leader take some pictures at the site to remember the moment.   What began as a dream in 2002 for about six Chinatown business and community leaders will become a reality after the Seattle City Council grants final approval for construction of the Historic Chinatown Gate

Historic Chinatown Gate: - Commenting on Chinese gates marking the entrances to Chinatowns in other parts of the country /around the oversea Chinese communities


By the end of the workday, the crew had finished installing all the frames, including the horizontal beams that stretch across the width of South King Street .  West Gate :- 30-foot structure that will arch over between  5th Ave South and South King Street and mark the western boundary of Seattle’s Chinatown/International District. 

Upon completion of the Gate expected by September or December of 2007, plans will be set in motion to erect the Gate’s twin on King And Eighth Avenue South , the eastern end of Chinatown/ID: East Gate

According to the source from the foundation. There will be small steel wires protruding from the Gate’s top to prevent birds from roosting. A device emitting a sonic frequency that disturbs the birds will also be employed 

Over the next couple of months, the gate will be decorated with ornamental tiles and other Chinese motifs. It will also include bronze plaques that will display the names of donors to the project.

A $50,000 endowment has been set up to fund the long-term maintenance of the gate. Once a year, the Gate will receive a “power wash,”

It is the first of its kind in Seattle , the enormous gate with Chinese culture background will help welcome visitors to the historically Chinese/Asian neighborhood.

The Chinese community leaders and the organizers of the Historic Chinatown Gate promise the entire project will be completed before Christmas 2007


What began as a dream in 2002 for about six Chinatown business and community leaders will become a reality after the Seattle City Council grants final approval for construction of the Historic Chinatown Gate. The Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Chong Wa Benevolent Association’s Education Society contributed the first seed money for the Gate.  The cost to erect the first Gate is $450,000. The Historic Chinatown Gate Foundation, the Gate’s sponsor, has so far raised around $600,000.  That total includes $115,000 from the Seattle Downtown Foundation, $100,000 from Seattle Neighborhoods Matching Funds, $1,000 from King County Neighborhood Development, $15,000 from the Seattle Foundation and $260,000 from community members and corporations including Boeing, Microsoft, Safeco and Puget Power.

Also elementary schools have had bake sales to raise funds for the Gate project. When the Foundation plan a booth at the Chinatown/International District Summer Festival, people come by and give us whatever they have in

  This projected was completed in Early2008

Picture taken at 2011-SeaFair-Chinatown ID Parade

 their pocket ford the project

The Foundation has set a fund-raising goal of $950,000 to construct the two Historic Chinatown Gates:- West Gate and East Gate

The Gate’s steel-reinforced “foundation footing” is already in place, the steel superstructure stored in California is in the process of being shipped. Ceramic tiles from China have already arrived. The structure will be covered with “automotive painting” that will be hard to deface, and “craftsmen from China ” will be installing the tiles


Those who have donated to the Gate project, ranging in monetary categories from “Swan” ($100 minimum) to “Imperial Dragon” ($100,000 and above) will have their names on the Gate, etched in a bronze plaque that will be mounted on a black and white granite slab from China . Over 400 plaques listing community organizations and individuals will be installed,


經過西雅圖市議會 (City of Seattle approval of the Project of  China Gate )在日前最後通過興建西雅圖中国城華埠牌樓工程後,在二OO七年七月二十五日上午開始(The Project began on July 25,2007)中華牌樓的主支架在午後經已成功豎立在華埠景街與第五街之間((Between 5th Ave So &  King Street)。該路面地段因工程需要暫時封閉至本週末再開放,然後在下星期一(七月三十日)再封路,以便繼續其他工程。

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