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Zen Garden Restaurant


镬仔叉烧 (广东风味)










McDonald, Major Sponsor of 2011- Seattle's Chinatown-International District

McDonald's Presents Seattle’s Chinatown-ID Dragon Fest 2011
People smiling, child playing at the McDonald 's booth, eating asian cuisine and watching and buying asian arts /crafts ...

Seattle Chinatown/International District  Summer Fair before Seafair  in Seattle

Summer Festival - July 9 & 10, 2011
At Hing Hay Park

Come  to enjoy lively lion and dragon dances, rhythmic taiko drumming, award-winning drill teams, and much more! Showcase your vocal talents. Bring your family and friends to visit our many booths featuring arts & crafts, local businesses. Enjoy various Multi-culture Cuisines

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Seattle Chinatown Cuisine

Seattle Chinatown Cuisine

Seattle  Tea & Coffee Place Seattle Sunny Weekly -Chinese Media



Centered in the heart of Seattle’s historic Chinatown-International District, the Festival attracts more than 25,000 people over two days and features a line-up of over 30 cultural performances with everything from the spirited Chinese lion and dragon dances, to captivating martial arts demonstrations and Japanese Taiko drumming. Bounded by the iconic Chinese Gate and beautiful Hing Hay Park, this Seafair Festival brings the streets to life with historic walking tours, a large-scale outdoor Asian market and cultural activities for people of all ages. In addition, this year the Festival will host a Food Walk with many of Chinatown-ID’s 85 restaurants offering up a variety of discounted tastes to give visitors the chance to sample cuisines from around the world.


McDonald’s presents the 2011 Dragon Festival—back this summer with vibrant Lion and Dragon dances, rhythmical Japanese taiko drumming, Chinese martial arts demonstrations, Asian drill team and Indian dance performances. Seattle’s Chinatown-International District will come to life on Snoqualmie Casino’s Dragon Stage, while children from around the region will be treated to a host of activities from origami, lantern-decorating, face-painting, and kite-making in the American Family Insurance Youth & Family Cultural Pavilion. Arts and crafts vendors from around the region will be on site selling a host of locally made goods.

NEW: Food Walk w/ $2 Tasting Menu!

This year, local food lovers can treat themselves to an afternoon of international cuisine designed to accommodate all budgets. In addition to an international selection of food trucks, fifteen of Chinatown-ID’s premier restaurants invite you to celebrate Dragon Fest with your taste-buds, and will be featuring an incredible $2 tasting menu on both Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th! Diners who sample more than four participating restaurants will be eligible to enter a drawing for a grand prize. Participating restaurants include newcomers like Fuji Bakery, as well as Chinatown-ID staples like Sea Garden, Harbor City, Oasis Tea Zone, Fu-Lin Ramen House, Fortuna Café, Phnom Penh Noodle House, Sub-

西雅圖華埠慶祝2011年龍節慶Dragon Festival

2011 Seattle Chinatown Summer Festival (Dragon Festival-龍節慶 –McDonald Major Sponsor)


Lucy Chen 陳路遙

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西雅圖龍節慶Dragon Festival 是西北太平洋一年一度最大的亞裔美國人慶祝大會。 這屆慶于201179日至10日在華埠Hing Hay Park舉行。為保障龍節的秩序與群眾的安全,交警封鎖了部份街道,使得Hing Hay Park 周圍形成小型的步行街。沿街是商家的攤位販賣琳琅滿目的小食品或手工藝品,遊客在這個熱鬧的街區盡情遊玩享受萬里無雲的午後時光。


龍節慶吸引了超過25,000人到現場觀看遊玩。為節慶在Hing Hay Park搭建的舞臺上進行了超過30個文化表演,例如舞獅(Lion Dance),武術(Martial Art Demonstration ),日本太鼓Japanese Drum Performances演出等表演都會為觀眾展現亞洲文化的魅力。以標誌性的中國牌樓和Hing Hey 公園為邊界,這場節慶以充滿歷史氣息的徒步觀光游,戶外亞洲市場和文化活動為各個年齡段的觀眾帶來了非同尋常的文化體驗。除此之外,今年的節慶還舉辦了邊走邊嘗的Food Walk活動. 沿途中超過85家餐廳會為遊客提供不等的折扣,讓遊客盡情品嘗來自世界各地的招牌美食。




2011 Seattle Chinatown Summer Festival - Major Sponsor

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Seattle Chinatown Building - 2011 Seattle Seattle Chinatown Festival


Sun Ya Restaurant - 2011 Seattle Seattle Chinatown Festival  


People enjoy  Seattle Chinatown Summer Activities 2011

Kung Fu Martial Art Demonstration

People watching at the Park

People  pay attention  to the shows/demonstration  but Sunny working  and taking
many pictures for his Weekly Newspaper (Seattle Sunny Weekly
Chinatown News-Communities Events ) 



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2010 Seattle Chinatown Festival-McDonald Sponsor

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