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Zen Garden Restaurant


镬仔叉烧 (广东风味)










McDonald, major Sponsor of 2010 - Seattle's Chinatown-International District
People smiling, child playing at the McDonald 's booth, eating asian cuisine and watching and buying asian arts /crafts ...

Seattle Chinatown/International District  Summer Fair before Seafair in Seattle

Summer Festival - July 10 & 11, 2010 
At Hing Hay Patk

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 Welcome you as McDonald’s® presents Seattle’s Chinatown-International District Summerfest 2010!  Come enjoy lively lion and dragon dances, rhythmic taiko drumming, award-winning drill teams, and much more! Bring your family and friends to visit our many booths featuring arts & crafts, food, and community organizations!  Don’t miss out on this special two-day event celebrating the largest Pan-Asian street festival in the Pacific Northwest, with some of the best arts, entertainment and food that Seafair has to offer! 

Please find more information from the Summer Fest Guide, Please  click on International Examiner
for more detail 


July 10 & 11, Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 11am-6pm


Hing Hay Park and surrounding streets – 423 Maynard Ave S., 98104



Entertainment Schedule

Snoqualmie Casino's Dragon Stage

Saturday, July 10th
11:00–11:30am Smooth Jazz Hour
11:30-11:35am McDonald’s Presenting Sponsor
11:45am-12:30pm Chinese Community Girls Drill Team
12:45-1:30pm Master David Leong’s Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (*Lion Dance)
1:45-2:30pm Seahawks Blue Thunder
2:45-3:45pm Halau Hula O’Napualani
4:00-4:45pm Rhythms of India
5:00-7:00pm Deems & The Irving Street Band

Sunday, July 11th
11:00–11:30am Kalalaya School of Performing Arts
11:45am-12:30pm Northwest Taiko
12:45-1:45pm Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club (*Lion Dance)
2:00-2:45pm Filipino Youth Activities Drill Team
3:00-4:00pm Alika Nako’oka
4:30-6:00pm Angelo Pizarro

Lion Stage 

Saturday, July 10th
11am-4pm: Karaoke Idol with Aleksa Manila
4:15-6pm: Drum Circle with Ray Sway

Sunday, July 11th
11:15-11:45am Kabuki Academy
12:00-12:15pm Jun Hong Kung Fu and Sports Assoc.
12:30-12:45pm "Message from Guinea"
1:00-1:15pm NW WUSHU Martial Arts
1:30-1:45pm Hula Hula O Kealaakua Naniloa
2:00-2:15pm Grupo Axe Capoeira
2:30-2:45pm All Culture Fashion Show
3:00-3:15pm West Side Drill Team
3:30-4:00pm Pilipino American Youth Organization
4:15-4:45pm Lalitagauri Makarand Agashe
5:00-5:15pm Halau Hula Ona Kamaainia Oka Noweke Paki Pika



L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0044.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0043.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0042.JPG

Seattle Chinatown Building & the Sun Ya Restaurant & 2010 Seattle Seattle Chinatown Festival

L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0041.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0040.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0039.JPG

People enjoy  Seattle Chinatown Summer Activities

Pe L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0038.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0037.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0036.JPG

People enjoy  Seattle Chinatown Summer Activities

L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0035.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0034.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0033.JPG

 Asian Culture Dance During the Seattle Chinatown Summer Festival

L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0032.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0031.JPG L:\10Costco0411\July11-2010\IMG_0030.JPG

Asian Culture Dance During the Seattle Chinatown Summer Festival


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