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A & B Cafe at the Chinatown 球记茶餐厅
670 South Weller St. Seattle WA 98104
(206) 625-0408

Serve  Chinese and Western  breakfast  
   港式茶餐厅的菜式 茶餐厅其实是西餐和广东饮食结合的产物,所以菜式也是中西合壁 
香 港式茶 餐厅:-早餐, 午餐 ,晚餐 品种很多.

670 South Weller St. Seattle WA 98104
(206) 625-0408
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    A & B Cafe at the Chinatown 球记茶餐厅




珍珠 奶茶


欢迎 外卖


Bubble Tea  

正宗港式奶茶  Seattle 西雅图 最有名 -港式奶茶  香浓,滑可口

粥面、碟饭、.牛扒、意粉、奶茶   香港口味 . 品种很多.

Serving Chinese congee and Sandwiches,  Milk Tea and other various meats/vegetables over rice.
one of  the best  Hong Kong Western Style food  in Seattle Chinatown. 

Open    7:30 AM to 7PM  Every Day ,   Friday and Saturday open until 10PM

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Tips & Attractions: Downtown to Seattle Center (map of walking tour)

        Walk a few blocks from the Market(Pike Place Market,  ) to 4th and Pine. On your way up the hill, you'll pass by the Perennial Tea Room (look for Post Alley about a half block up, by Sur le Table). Go upstairs in the shopping mall to catch the monorail to Seattle Center.

        Seattle Waterfront, with the Seattle Aquarium, ferries, sightseeing boat tours, tons of coffee shops, and many seafood restaurants

        International District     Chinese Gate(西雅圖中国城華埠牌樓  )-Seattle Chinatown 

        Ride the waterfront streetcar to Pike Place Market (see related tea info above)

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