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Here are the dates of Chinese traditional holidays in current year  2007 & 2008:

Chinese holidays in 2007 (The Year of Pig)  / The Year of 2008  (Rat)
Chinese Astrology
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中国传统节日的习俗  /
Chinese Minority Nationalities' Holidays (click here) 

2007 2008
正月初一 Chinese New Year 新年, 农历新年, 春節, 春节,大年


February 18th Feb 7/ 2008
正月十五 Lantern Festival (元宵節, 元宵节,小年  )    detail March 4th Feb 21,/ 2008
二月初二 Festival of the Black Dragon


March 11th Lunar February 2nd
阴春三月 Qingmingjie (清明節, 清明节 )   detail April 5th April 4 / 2008
Cheung Chau Bun Festival – May 24, 2007 detail May 24
五月初五 Duanwujie ( Dragon Boat Festival )  端午節, 端午节 detail June 11th June 8 / 2008
七月初七 Daughters' Festival  (Chinese Valenetine'day   七夕) detail August 19 th Aug 7 / 2008
七月十五 Mid-year's full moon detail August 19th Lunar July15th
八月十五 Mid-autumn Festival 中秋節, 中秋节 detail September 25th Sept  14 /2008
National Day Holiday  (in China )   detail October 1   Oct 1 /  2008
九月初九 Double Nine Festival ( Chong Yang  Festival   ) detail October 19th October 7/ 2008
十月十五 Full Moon of the End of Year detail November 16th Lunar October 15th
Dong Zhi  Winter Solstice detail December 22th Nov 21/ 2008
腊月初八 (12/8 ) Labajie  ( Laba Festival/Congee Festival ) detail Jan  8th /2008  Jan 15/ 2008
正月初一 Lunar 2008 New Year (Chinese New Year)     detail Feb 7/ 2008

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Chinese Minority Nationalities' Holidays


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Chinese Minority Nationalities' Holidays

There are 56 nationalities in China and each of them has their own festivals. The following only lists the major events in the minority group. ( Info for Minority Group in China)

The Zhuang Song Festival

The Bai Third Moon Fair

The Dai (Tai) Water sprinkling Festival

The Tibetan New Year

The Mongolian Nadam Fair

The Yao Danu Festival

The Yi Torch Festival

The Miao New Year Festival

The Dong Fire-Works Festival

The Bouyei Dancing Party

The Tujia, Hui, Dongxiang, Baoan Songfest

The Moslem Corban Festival

The Jing Singing Festival

The Lisu Scimitar Rung Festival

The Jingbo Dancing Festival

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